About Us

Merdas Chocolate is Marketed in India by
La Vance International Pvt. Ltd.

Merdas chocolates is the new approach which attaches importance of quality and innovation in producing chocolates. The latest fad! Using state of the Art technology, veteran chocolatiers and ORGANIC COCOA. International standard Cocoa powder and Cocoa butter produced chocolates are produced without the use of chemical additives or preservatives. All these prominent features backed by our mouth watering, unique, new exotic flavors and attractive packaging, we provide you with an experience beyond your imagination.


  • Natural Organic Product Our Produce is derived from 100% Natural Ingredients and Consumer friendly processing.
  • Packaging Design Innovative and Creative design to make your experience worth the while!!
  • Best Quality Cocoa Sourced from the Un-touched Cocoa farms of the West African Ivory Coast, the quality of our Cocoa has no match.

Hand-crafted with passion and love.
Artisanal and Reception Chocolates.


International Awards


Exquisite Products


Exotic Flavors


Years of Experience

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