Our huge and unique range of products has a treat
for all market segments and is loved beyond imaginable boundaries.

The latest fad! Using state of the Art technology, veteran chocolatiers and ORGANIC COCOA.

  • Natural Organic Product Our Produce is derived from 100% Natural Ingredients and Consumer friendly processing.
  • Packaging Design Innovative and Creative design to make your experience worth the while!!
  • Best Quality Cocoa
    Sourced from the Un-touched Cocoa farms of the West African Ivory Coast, the quality of our Cocoa has no match.
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Truffle With Vanilla
Rs. 425.00
Truffle With Vanilla
Rs. 425.00
Truffle With Vanilla
Rs. 425.00
Truffle With Vanilla
Rs. 425.00
Regional mission

“Superior quality, crafted precision, product uniqueness, Hand picked selection of the finest raw materials and consideration for our customers”

Ali Abbas Shaikh
Founder and CEO - La Vance International

What our Buyers Say


People have tasted and loved this exceptional chocolate. Sampling has introduced by customers to this extra ordinary product and I am now keen to continue this journey with Merdas chocolates.


None have been gutsy enough as Merdas to introduce these Bold and Exotic flavors to a completely new part of the Globe.

Syed Manzar

I have been consuming Merdas since the Inception of this unique product. It has potential to grow, which is evident by its phenomenal success in the penetration of global markets.

Shadab Usmani

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